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Game Jam Tools! Something you'll need during a Game Jam!

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I've been on A LOT of game jams and believe me. It's not so hard to make if you have these handy tools~

For the universal tools, we have Aviary:

- It's a full suite of tools solely made for Game Jams. It has pretty much everything you need.

* Image Editor
* Color Editor
* Effects Editor
* Vector Editor
* Audio Editor
* Music CreatorBad news is... It's gonna be taken down soon so you better download those *.swf files if you need it.

Now for the basic tools. Graphics are made from scratch, it cannot be generated (mostly anyways). There are tools to make it easier though.

Sound Effects
Ahh yes... Sound Effects. Want something 8-bit? Generated? Well. We have some sound effect generators here:

Background Music? You need to make them again... Yourself. So have some editors~

Okay, maybe your somewhat lazy to make your music. We got some a bit decent generator for you:

Well, these will do for now. If you got some questions then tell me.

Just remember everypony. You can't use ANY premade stuff. So if none of those above programs download premade files they're accepted and can be used in this jam. But it's very important that you don't use ANY premade stuff IF there SHOULD be any.  ;)

EDIT: Premade engines are allowed ^^

Lol, they're mostly generators and editors. No premade stuff what so ever.


--- Quote from: Wishdream on 2012-September 05, 10:14:28 ---Lol, they're mostly generators and editors. No premade stuff what so ever.

--- End quote ---

I was just getting it out there, in case somepony didn't know. But everything's fine then :)

As long as the tools are free and available for everyone, you're allowed to use whatever you want :)


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