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Title: Thinking about MLGJ #2
Post by: Lemonaids on 2012-October 29, 05:22:11
Now that it's totally over, we can think about what we should do again and what could be improved- this topic is intended to consolidate those thoughts.
Feel free to move it to Post Mortem if that would be more appropriate. (Those are more anecdotal about the last jam, imo).

My main suggestion for the next MLGJ would be to add a bug report section on the game page. My game ran fine for me, but Oracion just got a blank window. How many others had that problem? I have no idea! This applies to small glitches too; I'm here to learn as much as to have fun making a game. ;) As a developer I would love to get bug reports to help make my future games more robust.
I know there was a general comments section, but a small text field under the Twilight Sparkle rating or a button beside the download might get more people to give feedback specifically on this.

What worked well
As far as experiments that worked, ordering by number of ratings seems to have helped even out the voting, and adding the comments section was pretty good for getting general feelings about the game.

What ideas to do you all have about the next jam?
Title: Re: Thinking about MLGJ #2
Post by: Rylius on 2012-October 29, 08:27:38
Great idea, I like that. Should be pretty easy to implement in the new site as well. :)

Website layout and design will be redone, I found it kinda hard to see things myself.
The voting will also change completely, we haven't settled on a specific system yet though. Open for ideas!

We'll also tie together all parts of our site. Right now there are forums, theme voting and game submission/voting, each with their own "authentication".
Besides being much cleaner and safer this also allows us to send notifications for new comments/bugs on your games.

Further comments, criticism and suggestions are of course welcome - post away!
Title: Re: Thinking about MLGJ #2
Post by: AnsisMalins on 2012-October 30, 15:43:28
Google Game Jam Analytics

Have a dashboard where the jammer can see how many times his game was downloaded and by whom. Gather statistics through JavaScript: screen resolution, OS version, etc. When somebody downloads a game for the first time, have a JavaScript function spin for a a few milliseconds and guess their CPU speed from that. If their browser supports WebGL, you can even probe their graphics card similarly.
Title: Re: Thinking about MLGJ #2
Post by: Lemonaids on 2012-October 30, 23:20:28
That would be totally cool. Last time, I spent too long wondering what the best window size would be.
I'd probably comment my code more if I knew it was being downloaded, too ^^'
Title: Re: Thinking about MLGJ #2
Post by: Amiisato on 2017-September 19, 07:29:18
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Title: Re: Thinking about MLGJ #2
Post by: Manenut on 2017-December 06, 06:30:21
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