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Alternate universe. Discord created too much chaos... and everything disappeared! You have to recreate entire world with... just pencil.
Draw! Create your own worlds and share them with other players! Be creative and fix everything Discord destroyed.

HTML5 based (canvas)- requires modern browser. Backend written in node.js.

Unfortunately, it's not finished :( There's no gameplay to be honest, but I'll work on it regardless of contest. Save link somewhere and return to it, I promise it's going to be worth it!

In meantime you can draw and watch others drawing. There are already quite amazing submissions - you can view them in "explore" section :)

Hi there,

I've recently played your game. Here are my thoughts to add to the chaos.

This looks like a good start. It also worked without a hitch for me. It would be nice it there was a thumbnail/preview of other drawings in the explore page.

I was rather disappointed after spending time drawing a duck pony though.

Also, that video of SD:MA looks cool!

Explore page was made 30 minutes before end of the competition :D I already have few usability fixes for it prepared, but I have to wait until the voting ends to publish them. Generating thumbnails is a bit tricky from technical side, but it's not impossible to do - thanks for suggestion :)

Don't worry, your duck pony is safe on my server and you'll be able to play with him in the future ;)

I'm sad that I couldn't provide even basic gameplay in contest time through. I got sick on Sunday and it was really hard for me to concentrate :( Anyway, looks like people like this idea and I personally like it too, so I will work on it in future with pleasure :)

PS. SD:MA also suffers from gameplay being too simple at the moment, but recently it just went through serious refactoring, so adding new gameplay elements will be very simple. I've also got big plans for this project, just need some time to apply them in life :)

Have more to study, where to go.

It's a sympathetic story.


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