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You're baby Discord trying to escape Pinkie Pie who has blended you an unpalatable dinner. Inspired by

When I start to play, it says that I won and won't let me play. :(
It happen even if I restart the game.

I have some idea of what went wrong. You're probably using a very large or very small screen with a nonstandard DPI. The workaround is to tweak these settings in Control Panel. Here's what I have.

A lesson for me: Windows GDI does not make a good graphics engine.

Strange... I have the same configuration as in your picture. :o
I'm only missing the "large" option behind the DPI panel.

If I'm not going to play it, at least know that the graphic looks good!

Hi there, Ansis! Good to see you here.

I've recently played your game. Here are my thoughts to add to the chaos.

The graphics in here looks nice. I didn't fully understand my options in the game though (such as why I'd want to press left).

Here's a list of bugs and typos I've noticed (in case you want to develop this further).

[Bug] The failure message does not disappear after restart. Same goes for the win message.

[Bug] It seems I can bounce REALLY high if I just hold up arrow. I'm not sure if this is mono's fault.


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