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Submission: Chocolate Milk Attack


Ponyville is under attack!

Discord, having been recently released and taken over Equestria, is sitting back for a bit to enjoy all the chaos he has created. His beverage of choice for the occasion? Glasses of chocolate milk, fresh from a chocolate rain cloud. Chaotic litterer that he is, Discord tosses remnants behind him as an explosive chocolate milk grenade.

With Twilight off to gather the others for a second assault with the Elements of Harmony, Princess Celestia herself has tasked you (as the former Rainbow Dash) with ensuring the safety of Ponyville. Though the /last/ thing you want to do is breathe more fire after that little letter-recieving incident earlier, you understand that using its blowtorch-like flame to evaporate the milk before impact is Ponyville's only hope.

Game: [Currently broken in Chrome; Firefox works]

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tting back for a bit to enjoy all the chaos he has created. His beve


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