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10 tips to be super supendously ultra-awesome at spriting


Tip #1: Spriting is pixel art. Because it is art with pixels, you have to make pixels as visible as possible. Make lots of single, independant pixels as it create lots of detail. Use dithers(e.g. checkerboard patterns) everywhere, and make very good use of MS paint's airbrush tool.  Never antialias.

Tip #2: Do not bother with any feature that lets you preview your art at the zoom level it's supposed to be viewed in. If it looks totally okay at 800% magnification, it must look okay at 100% magnification.

Tip #3: Always pick a color used in the show, especially with outlines. Any slight differences may cause angry nerds. Do not worry about having enough contrast to make our ponies pop out of the background as they need to be able to blend in to seem like they are one with the background. If it works in large scale in a HD TV show, it must also work small scale as a game sprite.

Tip #4: To create a shade, simply take a color you have, and lower its value/luminosity. Do not touch the color's hue or saturation as it's a waste of time and may result in totally illogical colors.

Tip #5: If you need a gray, a color's saturation MUST be at zero, and never something close to zero.

Tip #6: When animating, don't bother trying to keep every body part the same length and size. Nobody will notice.

Tip #7: Time is of the essense. Do not pay attention to the placement of your pixels.
As you can see in this picture, you can see two lines. I spent time paying attention to the placement of the pixels on the version on the right for a smoother look, but it makes no difference because they're still the same line.

Tip #8: Never use references. It is far better to come up with your own original style instead of having something resemble the very thing you're trying to draw. That shows lack of originality.v

Tip #9: Make all of your pixel arts for the competition on minecraft. It is the ideal program for making pixel art as used by practically half of all bronies. The other half are hipsters.

Tip #10: Take all of the above with a grain of salt.

Dur, I was actually writing a lengthy response to this until I realized you weren't being serious.


--- Quote from: gingerale on 2012-September 23, 17:52:01 ---Dur, I was actually writing a lengthy response to this until I realized you weren't being serious.

--- End quote ---

I got that only on Tip#8. :D

The message that's as far as I see it correctly as a standard requirement.

Do you have a way to do about these things?


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