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Mini game jams
« on: 2012-November 15, 11:02:14 »
We're about to start some mini game jams. Read more below :D

You choose your own theme(Theme voting has been requested, so we might add voting for theme anyway) There will be no final winner, you can choose which game is best on your own :D. These jams would last the whole weekend starting Friday 00:00 GMT/UTC and ending Sunday 23:59 GMT/UTC. (Look in the calender when the events are happening, there'll also be a post for it before it starts)
It's the same rules as the big jams. Except that you don't follow a theme and there will be no actual winner. You can start whenever you like in the weekend and finish whenever you like during the Weekend
You can work as a team or alone. Up to yourself.

The game has to be made from scratch. Just like the big jams.

When the jam is over:
When you're done with your game. Upload it to whatever you wish. Send me a description and a link to your upload in a PM. I'll then make a post here with all the games after the jam is over.
It is up to you if you want to upload the source code or not.
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