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Announcing the Winners!
« on: 2012-October 30, 21:18:00 »
We did it! The first My Little Game Jam is over and we're happy to announce our winners!

Overall winner

Chaos in Ponyville by Waffle

Second place

Order of Twilight by Maurice

Third place

Corruption by Oddwarg

Category winners

Pinkie Pie (Fun): Order of Twilight by Maurice
Applejack (Balance): Chaos in Ponyville by Waffle
Rarity (Graphics): Daring do and the Scepter of Harmony by Pix3m
Fluttershy (Beginnerfriendliness): End of Chaos by ToCoool
Twilight Sparkle (Performance): Sugar Boom! by sparklepeep
Rainbow Dash (Was it chaotic enough?): Chaos in Ponyville by Waffle

Congratulations! To check out all submitted games, visit our game list

Thanks to everyone who has participated, talked about us and rated the games! Our first MLGJ was a huge success and we're already planning the next jam, featuring team competitons and more! We'll announce any information here and on twitter, make sure to follow us!
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