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Star Swirl Adventure: How popular are what endings?
« on: 2012-October 21, 20:18:58 »
In my entry, Star Swirl's Pony Adventure, the players have several choices to make, among them the possibility to choose one of four fates of Equestria and a choice of how to encourage Fluttershy to jump fly a friend over a river of lava. Of those players who did not check the Do Not Track option, I present a statistic of how many times was each possibility used.

I was surprised by these myself - I would have chosen the Lockdown Time ending.

Encouraging Fluttershy: (what should Star Swirl say to make her overcome the lava river obstacle)
20x I believe in you.
4x There is no other way.
2x The river is just illusory.
2x I will give you cake.

Fate of Equestria:
15x Return Home
10x Call in Celestia
9x Lockdown Time
4x Empower Radiance

Minor spoilers ahead.
Here's the text of the actual endings. Players had (and used) the possibility of viewing all of them prior to making a decision.

West Screen: Lockdown Time
Viewed Future: You expend your lifeforce to lockdown the timeline forever! The narrative, from now, will be fixed. Time travel and time stopping will not ever be possible again, not even Discord will be able to use them, because while he's outside the logic, he still has to obey the rules of storyline. Without the power to travel through time, Discord will be isolated and weak. In the future, Twilight Sparkle and her Ponyville friends will encase him in stone and life in Equestria will continue with harmony. Star Swirl the Bearded wing will never be constructed because time spells will not exist but a statue representing Sacrifice with your likeness will be erected in Canterlot Gardens.

North Screen: Call in Celestia

Viewed Future: You expend your lifeforce to reach beyond the existing narrative and call upon Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to come sooner than predicted. Elements of Harmony will be used simultaneously in your time and in the future (insofar as the word "simultaneously" makes sense in the context) to exile Discord forever. In addition, the premature arrival of the royal pony sisters will bring harmony and friendship to Equestria hundreds of years prior to the original timeline. On the other hand, this also means Luna will be exiled to the moon much earlier and her imprisonment will last that much longer. Your heroic sacrifice and instrumental role in the defeat of Discord shall be immortalized when your name will be given to one of the most secure sections of the Canterlot Archives - the Star Swirl the Bearded wing.

East Screen: Empower Radiance

Viewed Future: You transfer your lifeforce to Radiance, the personification of Friendship and so empower her to descend to Equestria in flesh. As friendship is much stronger than discord, she will defeat Discord immediately and restore happiness across the land. However, the royal pony sisters will never become rulers of Equestria as Radiance assumes the position herself in the name of greater good. Her awesome powers will enforce the ideals of Harmony - friendship, kindness, generosity, laughter, loyalty and honesty - upon everypony and it will become physically impossible to act or think against these principles. Time spells will be forbidden in the interest of preserving the status quo of bliss, but your name will be forever remembered as the name of the hero who ushered Equestria into a new golden era.

South Screen: Return Home

Viewed Future: You refuse to choose a future of Equestria - that responsibility should not fall to a single pony. Instead, you request the Narrative Core to transport you to your laboratory. You will lose interest in higher magical research and in saving Equestria from Chaos. Instead, you will seek personal happiness. Clover the Clever will introduce you to the world and you will make many friends, ponies, who will make your life complete. You will live a full life but you will never come to terms with the fact that you chose personal gain over the good of Equestria. Discord will eventually be defeated by Twilight and her pony friends in the future and Celestia and Luna in the present, but hundreds more years will pass in a state of chaos. Your name will be immortalized in the history books as an inventor of tens of spells per year until, inexplicably, your scientific career came to an end. This is the canonical Friendship is Magic narrative.

And if you follow through with your choice, you get a speech by a selected storyline character that details the consequences your choice had:

Call in Celestia:
My name is Celestia. I'd like to say a few words. When I arrived with my sister a few years ago at the calling of Star Swirl the Bearded, we rejoiced, for while his sacrifice was great, it permitted us to exile Discord from Equestria forever. I was most happy. Little did I knew that just a few years later, I'd have to exile my own sister as though she was as malevolent as Discord. I blame nopony but myself for this. Even now, I know it will take over a thousand years for Luna to be brought back to us - to me. But do not worry, citizens of Equestria. I will not trouble you with my sorrow. The day/night cycle shall remain unperturbed and I will ensure harmony rules over Equestria for always.

Empower Radiance:
My name is Radiance. I'd like to address everypony, please. Today, you rejoice, for harmony has come to rule in flesh over Equestria. You will not stop rejoicing for laughter is now ingrained in your very bodies. But please, listen to me for a while. You must realize that when Star Swirl the Bearded chose me to come to Equestria, you have lost part of your freedom. While you may feel that greed, treason and cruelty have no place in Equestria - as it is now - the possibility to engage in these was always yours until I took it away. It is a great loss, but I have no apology to make. You may not be free, but you will be happy and Equestria will be better for it.

Lockdown Time:
My name is Twilight Sparkle. Everypony, please listen to me. If we defeated Discord a few days ago, it was not only because of our friendship, but also because of Star Swirl the Bearded who saved our lives so many years ago. In the end, he chose to save Equestria by locking down the temporal strands of the fabric of the universe. What this means is that from now on, our future is predetermined. There is no longer a way to change time, no longer a way to alter our past or our future. But our actions still have meaning. While the future is already known to some, it is still shaped by who are we and who we choose to be. With that said, I agree wholeheartedly with Star Swirl's choice and would not have chosen otherwise myself.
Return Home:
My name is Clover the Clever and I want to say that Star Swirl was a great stallion. He was like a father to me. The first half of his life, he dedicated to magical research and through his study, ponies have gained many tools and spells they today take for granted. The other half of his life, he opened himself up and became a different pony. I'd never seen him happier before. The message he would want to pass on is that, no matter the difficulties Discord's rule imposes, you may live a good life regardless of your choice, whether you dedicate it to pushing the boundaries of knowledge or you live it as a simple pony. But in these times, whatever you choose, remember to keep the Fire of Friendship strong, as Star Swirl had always done.

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Re: Star Swirl Adventure: How popular are what endings?
« Reply #1 on: 2012-October 27, 09:06:42 »
Well, I can tell you that I did Lockdown Time.
I tell you, glad that I did ^^
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Re: Star Swirl Adventure: How popular are what endings?
« Reply #2 on: 2014-November 04, 09:41:48 »
Can anyone tell me the start time and location? It would be my first venture so not sure how the handicap would work

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Re: Star Swirl Adventure: How popular are what endings?
« Reply #3 on: 2016-September 30, 11:27:04 »
Such information is very good and I think it's just that it can be utilized.

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Re: Star Swirl Adventure: How popular are what endings?
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This information is very helpful to me.