Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register? Where do I register?

You only need to register when you want to submit your finished game.
We do encourage you to stick around beforehand though!

Registering on our forums gives you access to the entire site.

How do I submit my game?

The submission page will go live soon!

You have to register to submit your game.

Can I use frameworks/libraries?

Yes, as long as they available to anyone.
Using your own private library is not an option unless you share it with us!

How much alone is alone?

Art, music and game code have to be created by you during the weekend.
Using frameworks to abstract graphics, sound etc is perfectly fine as long as the framework is openly available to anyone!

What about fonts?

System fonts are alright, same goes for ones shipped with your engine.
Downloading fonts from websites is not allowed.

Can I work with a team? Friendship is Magic after all!

No, sorry - you have to work alone (at least this time).

I can’t draw/make music!

Neither can we!
The point is to go beyond the things you know you can do and try new stuff.
This is a challenge to yourself. Even finishing a game makes you a winner already - getting the best votes is just the frosting on the cupcake!

How mature can the game be?

If it’s acceptable in the show, it’s acceptable in your game as well.
Dropping an anvil on somepony’s head is perfectly fine, but please don’t go much beyond that.

Clop, R34 or gore are completely forbidden!